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Give your new Toronto Real Estate listing a fresh paint job to sell it for top dollar.

Your real estate colleagues agree that painting a house adds to its ‘curb appeal’. And while painting the exterior isn’t always within the budget, painting the interior is inexpensive to make your listing look its best and helps you get full value for your clients.

The Goodbrush Painting Co provides professional painting services to realtors like you to turn listings into the most attractive listing across the neighbourhood.

Why Should You Paint Your New Real Estate Listing Before Selling it?

Did you know? According to experts, fresh paint adds 1%-3% to the final sale price of a house.

Probably not news to you but worth repeating, when it comes to real estate, first impressions matter a lot. It is important that your potential buyer likes the look and feel of the property. Imagine looking at a house with a dull ceiling, peeling paint, and cracks everywhere! Would you buy such a place? Or maybe the better question would be “How much would you take off your offer to cover the hassle of repainting?”

Painting a house is a guaranteed way of freshening up the space without doing any significant renovations. This is one of the reasons why the majority of your real estate agent colleagues decide to paint their property listings before staging them.

Now, the next question that comes up is should you get the entire house painted?
Here are some tips on where to start when selling a house.


Painting the Exterior – first impressions count

The curb appeal of your property is the first thing that catches the eye of potential buyers. If they drive up to the place to find a dull, cracked, old-looking house, you can imagine the harm caused to your deal. If they don’t like the exterior, they tend to find other imperfections in the interior, instead of looking at all the good things about your property. 

While getting the exterior of your house painted, don’t just stop at the walls, consider re-painting the garage door, trims, and front door. We suggest painting neutral tones and staying consistent with the colours in the neighbourhood. For more impact, add some colour to the trims, update the light fixtures, or add finishing touches to your porch. It’s not just about re-painting, it’s about making your listing more attractive and valuable, so don’t hesitate to ask for help with these too. 


Painting the Interior – a must-do

While selling the property’s curb appeal is one of the most important factors, the first impression of its interior is just as important. Fresh paint makes them look clean, up-to-date, and well-maintained. 

The foyer establishes the tone for the whole interior of the house which is why keeping it clean and fresh for the buyers is a must. The right paint job on the interior will set the right mood for the space and highlight its best features. 

When getting your interiors painted, always consider getting low or no-VOC paint. VOC are chemical substances that harm the environment as well as human health. Low-VOC (or no-VOC) paints have low-odour, lower toxic emissions, and less effect on air quality. Moreover, they are better in terms of coverage and cleaning. Your buyer would surely want to buy a house that doesn’t impact his and his family’s health negatively.

Keep in mind that buyers are particular about certain key areas in the home: the entrance, bathrooms, and kitchen.

With your house looking good in and out, the buyer will have something to consider!

What Paint Colour to Use on your New Real Estate Listing?

Another vital question is, “what colour is the best for the paint job?”

When selling a house, usually your best option is neutral colours because they make the place look spacious, give room for the buyers to imagine how well their furniture fits with the current decor, and offer a move-in ready home to them.

You and your buyer might not be on the same page when it comes to colours, this is why you should always avoid bold and bright colours. The colour of your house can have a significant impact on your buyer’s decision.

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quality service 3 year warranty

Why Real Estate Agents Trust The Goodbrush to Paint their Properties?

The Goodbrush takes an extra step in providing you with top-quality exterior and interior home painting services. You need a painting partner that pays special attention to the little details. Someone who listens to you and ensures that your requirements will be met on time. Our job is to meet your requirements and make your listing look the best it can be.

You’ll Love Working with The Goodbrush. We Guarantee It!

The Goodbrush offers quick turnaround times with a comprehensive 3-year warranty on our paint projects. Whether it is just a room or the entire house, we help you make your listing ‘show well’.

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