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Naomi Thulien
We were so happy working with John on painting our condo (all walls/ceilings/trim). It is clear that he really cares about excellence - something that is often hard to find these days. He treats the job like he is painting his own home. He takes pride in his work. The price is on the higher end but absolutely worth it (you really do get what you pay for). We highly recommend The Goodbrush Painting Co.!!
Naomi Thulien
Lawrie Schneider
Very happy with the Goodbrush! I was moving into a new unit and went for a walkthrough, but the walls were in rough shape. My agent immediately recommended John, who managed to squeeze me in with just a couple days notice. John was responsive and patient as we talked through the options, and guided me towards a paint colour that I was happy with. Upon arrival, the painters were professional, fast, easy to work with and did a great job. They completely refreshed the unit, all at a competitive price. I will definitely use again in the future.
Lawrie Schneider
Lorraine Dickie
Very pleased with John and the Good Brush Painting company. John and Company were efficient, reliable, and did a great job on our kitchen cabinets. Lorraine
Lorraine Dickie
Leah Lem
We reached out to Goodbrush to paint our wooden kitchen cabinets in our condo and overall had a wonderful experience with John and his team :) During the RFQ process, John really impressed us with his deep expertise and advice. Before even providing a quote he gave us so many tips and information on the process. We're really grateful that he took the time to really communicate to us and we found the knowledge invaluable. It was also important for us to find someone local to work with since we felt that it would be more convenient to work with a business based in Toronto. We were pleased find out that Goodbrush was only a short distance from where we are in North York! The Goodbrush team were incredibly quick and efficient with our project. The whole process end to end was smooth and seamless! It was our first time working with painters and we definitely felt that we were in good hands with Goodbrush. Our trust was in the right place and they really delivered. Our cabinets look like they're brand new and our kitchen transformed thanks to the excellent work from Goodbrush. John and his team at Goodbrush are not only skilled at what they do but are knowledgeable and genuine. It truly was a pleasure to work with them :)
Leah Lem
Dave Caley
We had a very pleasant experience recently as we contracted The Good Brush to stain our bricks. John was very helpful and communication between us was great. The work took around 4 days to complete and looks great. We definitely would recommend The Good Brush to others.
Dave Caley
Lois Ann
suppose nice man and knowledgeable. I would recommend him for your business.
Lois Ann
Chris Iskander
John does excellent work and is truly a joy to work with. Very accomodating, pleasant, and professional. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Chris Iskander
Thank you, John & team for the excellent exterior paint job on my home! It was a wonderful experience working with John & team from beginning to end. John was very knowledgeable with the work that had to be done and I appreciated the time he spent pointing out the areas that would require special attention before making recommendations and providing a detailed estimate. My freshly painted house looks amazing all around, especially at the front, after the excellent work (complete stripping, precise staining and refinishing) John did, restoring my 20+yr weather-beaten oak front door back to its original natural beauty, and at the back where the team did extensive repairs on the 3-storey panels and bay window during prepping which made all the difference with the final product. John and his team are committed to customer satisfaction and made sure that I was happy with the end result. The service, communication and quality of workmanship were top-notch and I would gladly with no hesitation use The Goodbrush Painting again for future projects.
Ginny Walsh
A pleasant experience. John adapted the job to the challenges of painting and staining damaged wood and worked with us to ensure that we got the results we wanted.
Ginny Walsh

Brick staining services to give your home a cost-effective upgrade

Preserve and transform your brick exterior or interior exposed brick with a breathable, permanent colour change.

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Revamp your outdated brick with modern colours

Your home’s brick exterior is a statement that defines its character. If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to update your home’s curb appeal, brick staining is the way to do it!

You can give your elegant brick facades a fresh colour without painting and covering them up, preserving the natural texture and breathability of the bricks.

If your home has interior exposed bricks — an accent wall or a fireplace, brick staining is a great way to refresh the entire room’s look, with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

When you work with The Goodbrush Painting Company, you get expert professionals who work quickly and safely, using only the best materials and methods for brick staining.

You get the peace of mind that comes with choosing a company that values clear, honest communication, and offers a comprehensive 3-year warranty on our brick staining services.

Choose The Goodbrush Painting Company to transform your interior and exterior brick.

Transform your brick while maintaining its breathability and natural beauty, protected for years to come

A cost-effective investment in brick staining for your home will protect the brick and keep your home looking great, maximizing appeal and increasing property value.

When you choose to work with The Goodbrush, your brick staining project is covered under our comprehensive three-year warranty.

You get assurance that we’ll take care of any problems that arise during the warranty. Thanks to our expertise built on years of experience and using only the best materials and methods, we can stand by our work.

Understand brick staining with The Goodbrush

If you’re thinking about refreshing the colour of your brick exterior, fireplace or interior accent wall, you probably have a few questions about the process.

Should you choose brick staining or brick painting?
Brick staining has many advantages over painting — not just how it looks, but functionally too.
While both methods will allow you to give your home a brand new look, brick staining will preserve the bricks’ natural texture and protect it, becoming a permanent, breathable finish. Stain is absorbed into the brick, becoming a part of it, while paint only forms a covering layer.

If you choose to paint your brick, you’ll be covering it in a thick coat of latex, hiding the natural texture of the brick. Paint is also more likely to peel and crack over time, as it won’t allow the covered brick to breathe.

Choosing the right type of brick stain
There are two types of brick stains — water-based brick staining and brick stains with sealant.

Water-based brick staining is The Goodbrush recommendation for most projects. Because they’re water-based, the bricks absorb these stains, preventing excess water build-up within the brick while still allowing for breathability.

On the other hand, brick stains premixed with sealant create a watertight covering when applied to bricks but aren’t equipped to prevent water damage over time. These sealing stains serve the purpose for specific applications — like small areas where it’s needed or for surfaces where there are damaged or excessively porous bricks. Using a stain with sealant can trap water within the bricks and cause cracking when temperatures drop.

What is the process for brick staining?
When you work with The Goodbrush for your brick staining projects, there are fixed steps we follow to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the completed job.

After discussing the project and communicating costs and timelines, we start by cleaning the brick surface. If there is previously applied sealant, we’ll remove it for you with tried-and-tested safe methods that won’t damage your brick.
If there’s no sealant, we’ll wash the surfaces with a mild detergent to ensure it’s clean and ready for staining.

The area around your project will be covered with drop sheets and tape, if needed, to protect it before we start applying the stain. Our expert professionals will use only the best materials and methods to complete the job safely and smoothly, ensuring consistent colour and even application.

We’ll clean up thoroughly and let the stain dry completely before inspecting the finished surfaces with you. You’ll get expert tips on maintaining your newly upgraded brick surfaces and the assurance of a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Brick adds a ton of character to your home — when it’s well looked after. Choose experts with years of experience in brick staining for home exteriors and interiors.

Choose The Goodbrush painting company.
Quality service. Guaranteed.

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